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Dear Neighbor,
I want to thank you for reaching out to visit my website and learn more about the process of short sales and/or loan modifications. It is incredibly important to research all of your options when deciding how you will work to preserve your financial future, your credit score and history, your security clearance and so much more - all while your mortgage and other bills are spinning out of control. Many people out there, including members of my team, are suffering hardships that have affected their ability to meet financial obligations and deadlines. Most have been proactive in trying to make things right. Some have contacted their lender for help with possible payment extensions or loan modifications, but the wait for an answer has become unbearable and worry about foreclosure and late payments has set in. Then, some have actually been approved for a loan modification, but the temporary fix is about to expire and their financial situation has not improved. Others are simply upside down, some by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they need real answers and options. That is what I specialize in - REAL ANSWERS to tough questions. I walk my potential clients through the steps needed to avoid foreclosure, period. Some will choose to pursue a loan modification and others will list their home as a short sale and walk away owing nothing to their lender. Regardless of which path you choose, I am here to help you or someone you know who is in trouble. Please feel free to check out all of the detailed information on my website and if you'd like to talk, call me of fill out the application form provided. I believe in Helping Our Neighbors in Need© gain back control of their financial future!

Jennifer Young
Certified Home Rescue Expert©
Helping Our Neighbors in Need©

Certified Home Rescue Expert©

**Jennifer Young has been a successful real estate agent for over 8 years. She has strong ties with the lending industry through her years of selling REO properties for banks and loan servicing giants across the nation. Jennifer has seen first-hand what foreclosure can do to a homeowner and to their families. This experience is her motivation in helping struggling homeowners avoid the devastation of foreclosure. It has also provided her with the knowledge needed to help clients preserve their financial future through education and proactive planning. She is a Certified Home Rescue Exert©, a Certified Distressed Property Expert©, and she is an active participant in the Helping Our Neighbors in Need© program in communities across Virginia. Jennifer Young is a Keller Williams agent team leader with the Chantilly Ventures, LLC brokerage in Virginia. She heads up the Jennifer Young Homes Team, employing 5 full-time assistants and numerous buyer agents to help with the relocation process. Jennifer is a graduate of James Madison University.

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